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100pcs 174 x 128 x 53mm Mailing Box Brown Shipping Diecut Box

$47.95 Inc. GST
Made from Recyclable Paper Recyclable Product Chat & Support
  • 100 pieces per pack
  • (L)174x (W)128x (H)53mm Brown Die cut shipping box
  • Highly durable and strong
  • Lightweight and convenient to ship
  • Flat Packed with crash lock bottom
  • Easy to use tuck in flaps; no adhesive tapes required
  • Hassle-free handling and storage
  • Made from 100% recyclable cardboard materials

100pcs 220 x 160 x 77mm Mailing Box Brown Diecut Boxes

$66.95 Inc. GST

Made from Recyclable Paper Recyclable Product Chat & Support
  • Quantity: 100 pieces
  • (L)220x (w)160x (H)77mm Brown Die cut mailing box
  • Strong, robust and highly durable
  • Premium quality and lightweight for postal saving
  • Easy to assemble with crash lock bottom & interlocking flaps
  • Hassle free- no adhesives required
  • Flat packed for easy handling and storage
  • Made from 100% best quality recyclable materials

100pcs 310x230x105mm Mailing Box brown Diecut Box

$98.95 Inc. GST

Available on advance order only

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Made from Recyclable Paper Recyclable Product Chat & Support
  • Pack - 100 pieces
  • Size -(L)310mm x(W) 230mm x(H) 105mm
  • Color- Brown
  • Features- Recyclable, Eco-Friendly, self locking,Tough
  • Specific Feature:- Die-cut box with front locking tabs
  • Shape -Rectangle
  • Material- Cardboard

20pcs Heavy Duty 180 x 130 x 100mm Brown Regular Slotted Mailing Box

$19.95 Inc. GST
  • 20 pieces per pack
  • (L)180x (W)130x (H)100mm Mailing box
  • Strong and highly durable
  • Lightweight reduces shipping cost
  • No glue guns, adhesive tapes, or staples required
  • Easy to assemble - Flat Packed with crash lock bottom & Interlocking flaps 
  • Self-lock die-cut finish boxes for easy handling and storage
  • Made from the best recyclable cardboard materials

20pcs Heavy Duty 400 x 135 x 180mm Brown Regular Slotted Mailing Box

$31.95 Inc. GST
  • Quantity: 20 pieces
  • 400(L)x135(W)x180(H)mm brown die cut mailing box
  • Strong load-bearing capacity       
  • Ensures maximum protection from tear, puncture, and moisture
  • It is cost-efficient and reduces postal charges
  • It is user-friendly and convenient
  • Ideal for storing small, round-shaped small items.
  • Made from recycled cardboard material: 100% eco-friendly

20pcs Mailing Box 135 x 135 x 180mm Brown Heavy Duty Regular Slotted

$19.95 Inc. GST
  • 20 pieces per pack
  • (L)135x (W)135x (H)180mm brown mailing box
  •  Premium quality double-walled boxes
  • They offer durability and a smooth finish
  • Strong and lightweight, and highly cost-effective
  • It is used for storage and shipping small and medium items
  • 100% recyclable: sustainable and eco-friendly 

20pcs Mailing Box 270 x 130 x 180mm Brown Regular Slotted Heavy Duty

$23.95 Inc. GST
  • 20 pieces per pack
  • 270(L) x 130(W) x 180(H)mm Brown Die-cut mailing boxes
  • Robust and highly durable
  • Strong load-bearing potential
  • Light in weight hence cost-efficient
  • Easy to use; safety for valuable items
  • Primarily used for shipping small and medium products
  • It is 100% eco-friendly and recyclable

20pcs Mailing Box 400 x 265 x 180mm Brown Regular Slotted Heavy Duty

$41.95 Inc. GST
  • 20 pieces per pack
  • Dimensions: 400(L)x265(W)x180(H)mm Brown mailing box
  • Strong and robust
  • Lightweight & cost-effective
  • No adhesives required, interlocking flaps, ready for shipping
  • Flat Packed, crash lock bottom - easy to assemble
  • Self-contained boxes with die-cut finishing for easy handling and storage
  • Made from 100% recycled and high-quality kraft material

20pcs Mailing Box Heavy Duty 265 x 265 x 180mm Brown Regular Slotted

$32.95 Inc. GST
  • 20 pieces per pack
  • 265(L)x265(W)x180(H)mm Brown mailing box
  • Constructed from durable cardboard for additional strength
  • Lightweight reduces shipping cost
  • Easy to assemble, fold, and tape 
  • Boxes can be reused for storing small & medium items
  • It is 100% recyclable and sustainable

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard Boxes and Packing Boxes are the perfect solutions for your e-commerce Store. They are lightweight, strong, and easy to put together, commonly used as outer packaging.

All our cardboard boxes are made up of corrugated paper and are also known as corrugated cardboard boxes.

We offer a range of packaging boxes, postage boxes, and shipping mailing boxes, from Black Diecut Cardboard Boxes, super-flat, postal cartons to carton cubes in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours.

Recycled Black Cardboard Boxes For Sale

White Cardboard boxes have multiple uses. Apart from using them for packing various goods such as stationery, toys, electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, etc., Small Boxes can be used as inner packaging material for single units stored in master cartons.

Products can be safely transported in These Packing boxes as it can hold the products tightly and is sufficiently thick and sturdy to protect the contents from abrasions and tears.

Depending upon one’s ingenuity, boxes could have a number of uses within a business. The list is endless, from the simple use of covering items from dust to making mini shelves for storing small items of daily usage.

These heavy-duty quality boxes are adaptable and are made for multipurpose.

Recycled Packaging | Corrugated Cardboard |Packing Boxes

As a responsible seller, all our corrugated cardboard boxes are made up of recycled paper and can be recycled again for multiple uses.

Advantages of Cardboard Boxes You Should Know

The cardboard boxes can score highly in terms of environmental protection compared to other packaging materials, such as plastic. First of all, it is worth noting that solid board is made of 100% recyclable material. Thus, the solid cardboard box is environmentally friendly both in production, use and disposal. Here you will find the advantages of cardboard boxes at a glance:

  • The use of cardboard boxes made of solid board contribute to environmental protection
  • The cardboard packing boxes require little space due to their high material density, which is why storage is particularly favourable.
  • Cardboard boxes are extremely resistant and stable.
  • The cardboard packing boxes made of solid cardboard is ideal for further processing and coating (e.g. paint, varnish, impregnation against grease or water)
  • Good advertising properties due to good optical properties and a smooth surface

Which areas of application are suitable for recycled cartons boxes?

Due to their robustness, recycled cartons, like conventional corrugated cardboard boxes, can be used in virtually all areas of packaging. Because environmentally friendly packaging methods are on the rise and so you can immediately take on a role model function.

A cardboard fibre is recyclable more than 25 times and consists of at least 90% recycled fibres. Recycled cartons usually consist of waste paper and are therefore more resource-saving and pollute the wastewater significantly less than cardboard boxes made of primary fibres.

If a recycled carton is obtained from 100% waste paper, it bears the Blue Angel eco-label. Certain substances are completely prohibited during production. These include chlorine, bleach and optical brighteners.

What makes NewPack Unique?

At Newpack, you can buy Packaging boxes online at affordable costs. We offer the widest possible variety in terms of grades of boxes starting from light to medium and heavy-duty ones for various usages as desired. We also offer these boxes in kraft, white and black colours.

Newpack is also aware of the need for different shapes and sizes that may be required, so we offer flat and cube-shaped boxes in different sizes and thicknesses.

Our Packaging Boxes help you securely pack your products guarding them in all weather conditions, and they are built with particular care with high bonding strength to withstand transportation hazards.

The boxes are designed keeping in mind all aesthetic values. Newpack offers various packing materials, Packing Boxes at wholesale and affordable rates.

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