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100 Pcs A4 Rigid Envelope Size 330mm x 240mm 650 GSM

$89.95 Inc. GST
  • SELF-ADHESIVE CONVENIENCE: Strong glue built into the mailer design provides a tight seal.
  • STURDY DESIGN: The envelopes are made of thick Card mailers that will keep your documents free of bending and wrinkles.
  • VALUE PACK: Make sure to always have some rigid mailers on hand. Stock up for online business use, personal use and office use.
  • 650 GSM Paper Quality.
  • Dimensions- 330mm x 240mm.
  • Pack-100 Pieces.

200pcs White 235x325mm 300 gsm | A4 Size Card Mailer

$56.25 Inc. GST
Made from Recyclable Paper Recyclable Product Chat & Support
Product Information:
  • Colour: White.
  • 300 GSM Premium paper quality.
  • Lightweight for postal savings.
  • Seamless bottom provides greater overall strength and safety.
  • Self-seal convenience saves time and no need for staples and tape.
  • Made from 100% recyclable raw material

Yellow Business Envelope 230 x 330mm Premium #04 A4 Kraft Laminated Paper

$39.95$134.95 Inc. GST
Made from Recyclable Paper Recyclable Product Chat & Support

Premium Business Envelopes

Product Information:
  • Tear-resistant and lightweight – reduces shipping costs
  • Fully laminated Kraft paper - protects the documents from moisture
  • Supports paper of both A5 and A4 dimensions
  • Convenient self-seal adhesive strips, no need for tapes or staples to secure the package



Card Mailers are also referred to as Rigid Mailers, Letter Envelopes, and Card Envelopes. While these Tough Bags provide additional protection for non-fragile items, they are also compliant with letter envelopes’ standard 20mm thickness requirements.

All of our Rigid Envelopes are available in two thickness variants: standard 300 GSM and extra strong 650 GSM. These White Envelopes are a lifeline for many small businesses and offices since they ensure that letters, photographs, and documents arrive safely and securely every time. Card Mailers have a seal-sealing closure and hot melt adhesive glue for added security and privacy.

Envelopes can be used as invitation envelopes in school and can be used for many other needs as well.

Because there are custom envelopes as well as coloured envelopes that make it unique, we have many types of envelopes, both high quality and average: Banker style, wallet style, Invitation envelopes, Coloured envelopes, square envelopes, all these envelopes are available in the extensive range.

Card mailers are envelopes that are designed explicitly for mailing cards or documents. They are made of a thicker, more solid material than regular envelopes. The thickness of the card mailers prevents documents from bending or becoming wrinkled during transportation, and they can also be used to mail CDs or DVDs.

These flat mailers are ideal for sending a variety of documents in a cost-effective way. The self-seal closure saves labour and eliminates the need for staples and tape. The mailers’ exceptional adhesive quality ensures a tight bounding seal.

DL, DLX, C5, A5, A3, A4 Envelopes come in different sizes and thicknesses to suit the customer’s various needs. There are unlimited customization options for card mailers, which serve as a tool for brand recall.

A4 Envelopes, C5 Envelopes, DLX Envelopes, DL Envelopes, A5 Envelopes, A3 Envelopes, A4 Rigid Mailers, A4 Sized Envelopes, are the most popular sizes of the Card Mailers

Card envelopes are used for a variety of purposes, including wedding invitation envelopes, Christmas envelopes, and birthday card envelopes.

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